Personnel Services

CTC has numerous contracts providing personnel support at the national and state agency level. We have placed over 1,000 contract employees in various locations throughout the country.

Our People

We work with your staff to identify and select highly qualified employees. CTC’s commitment is to only hire personnel in whose capabilities you can be confident.

Our Benefits

We provide a comprehensive, high-quality benefits package to our employees. Good benefits help retain good employees.

Our Standards

We provide both on-site supervision and external program management of employees, at no additional cost to the government. CTC’s commitment is to be fully accountable in ensuring that we fulfill our roles and responsibilities.

CTC does staffing the right way. Our focus is on placing the most qualified personnel that have the experience, skills, and knowledge to perform the job effectively from day one. And we have a proven track record of attracting and retaining superior contractor personnel to show for it.

Our recruitment process, tailored to match the needs of the organization we are supporting, allows us to build a candidate pipeline that facilitates rapid staffing. Our extensive experience in recruiting contractor personnel has honed our corporate capabilities to obtain high-quality employees with a passion for their work and a strong sense of commitment to the organization they are supporting.

But our role isn’t complete once our employee is placed in a contractor position. Recognizing the costs and loss of productivity when there is turnover, we actively work to retain our staff. Our retention efforts are focused on taking care of our most valued asset – our people – by providing:

  • meaningful work,
  • fair and reasonable competitive wages and fringe benefits,
  • a company culture that promotes professional and personal development, and
  • a management process that establishes clear lines of communication.

When you select CTC contract personnel, you get our whole team. CTC has the internal resources to provide advice and assistance in all aspects of contract management. For example, our contracting specialist has over 27 years of experience in government Contracting and Purchasing. With resources like this to draw upon, CTC can advise and assist our customers in the successful navigation of the contracting process.

Sample client list

U.S. Army
Brooke Army Medical Center, Administrative Support
DOJ – U.S. Attorney’s Office
U.S. Attorney’s Offices, Legal Support (24 Districts)
Defense Health Agency
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Health Educators
Johnson Space Center, Administrative Support
U.S. Navy
Naval Construction Group One, Supply Technicians
U.S. Navy
Naval War College, Material Handlers
U.S. Navy
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Medical Clerks
Army National Guard Bureau
Army Installations Div., Training Support
Army National Guard
Professional Education Center, Training Development
Army National Guard
Recruit Sustainment Program (in 12 states)
Army National Guard
Education Liaison Program (in 26 states)
Army National Guard
Recruiting & Retention Command Support (in 11 states)
Army National Guard
Fort Chaffee, Instructors and Training Support
Army National Guard
Regional Training Institute, Instructors
Army National Guard
State Surgeon, Medical Support Specialist
Army National Guard
USPFO, Contracting and Accounting Support (in 2 states)